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Forthcoming Events

25 May 2019;
02:30PM - 05:00PM
Hamstreet v Westfield
26 May 2019;
02:30PM - 05:00PM
Westfield v Hawkhurst
27 May 2019;
28 May 2019;
02:00PM - 04:30PM
Roll Up
28 May 2019;
06:30PM - 08:30PM
Roll Up
29 May 2019;
02:30PM - 05:00PM
Westfield v Spartan
Won 3-1 (77-64) League 8-2
Once you have agreed a date with your opponent, please ensure that you record the date, time and rink for the match on the competition sheet which is on the Competitions Board. If you don't, you run the risk of a clash with another match or with the mower...
Won 87-40 (4-0) League 10-0
Members are reminded that the dress code for matches AND club competitions is GREY below the waist and WHITE above the waist.
Won 2-2 (81-53) League 8-2
Lost 1-3 (49-89) League 2-8
Won 4-0 (76-46) League 10-0