Won 62-58 (2-2) League 6-4
Won 103-34 (4-0) League 10-0
Overall winner Simon Knight (62); Highest ladies runner up Sheila Wilson (48); Highest mens runner up Roy Turner (61).
The annual Westfield v Staplecross competition. Westfield won away 87/40; home 103/34; overall 190/74
Won 71-54 (2-1-1)
Winners Penny Spillane (Bexhill) & Jill Clifton (Lenham)
2nd place Julie Hawkins (Sidney Martlets) & Sandra Willis (Bexhill)
3rd place Glynn Bell (Hinton) & Peter Copper (Polgrove, Bexhill)
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Lost 55-64 (0-2-2)
Won 3-1 (81-62) League 8-2
Won 3-1 (77-64) League 8-2
Once you have agreed a date with your opponent, please ensure that you record the date, time and rink for the match on the competition sheet which is on the Competitions Board. If you don't, you run the risk of a clash with another match or with the mower...
Won 87-40 (4-0) League 10-0