• 1. Any player not available for the Finals Day see fixture card for dates will not be allowed to enter the competitions.

    2. The first named player in each round will be responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange a date for the match to be played and to arrange a marker. To be done by mutual consent. Please see Competition Board for players contact numbers and available competent Markers listed.

    3. The closing dates for each round of all matches must be adhered to. If for any reason the closing date cannot be achieved by the players, then a decision will be made by the Competition Committee. The decision will be final.

    4. In the unfortunate event a player is too ill to continue in a match then their opponent/opponents will advance to the next round.

    5. No substitutes will be allowed unless the Competitions Committee decide otherwise.

    6. If a match is stopped due to poor weather conditions or the players feel the surface of the green is unsafe to continue then the match can be re-arranged for a later date. The scores and ends played will be noted on the match cards. The match must be played on the same Rink. At no point will any players start at scratch. If the players cannot agree altogether then the Marker can decide if the match needs to be stopped and re-played.

    7. Players will ask a third person to draw a ball from a bag. Each ball in the bag will be lettered A, B or C indicating the rink. Each match prior to being played needs to be registered on the match sheets provided, giving time, rink and date. Before booking players are to check availability, check the garden rota diary and the fixture list. Players are asked not to book more than 2 matches in one week. Please note match sheets are on the Competitions Board.

    8. In all Competitions players will use 4 woods. Once drawn Individual Competition sheets will be posted on the board giving time frames for each round to be completed by.

    The following applies to each competition:

    Men’s Singles: First player to 21ptsDrawn pairs: 18 ends
    Ladies Singles: First player to 21ptsRon Chamberlain cup: 18 ends
    Club Championship: First player to 21ptsHandicap cup: First player to 21pts
    100 up: First player to 100pts 

    The decisions of the Competitions Committee (Bill Reed, Sheila Wilson, Sharon Forward and Vic Bond) will be Final.

  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner J Leach (23/19)

    Previous Winners

    2019J LeachR Turner
    2018J LeachT Knight
    2017 D ThomasJ Leach
    2016J LeachB Reed
    2015W ReedV Bond
    2014R BardenJ Leach
    2013C TurnerD B Thomas
    2012V BondR Barden
    2011J RhoadesP Bennett
    2010J RhoadesM Hoad
    2009J Rhoades 
    2008M Hoad 
    2007D B Thomas 
    2006M Hoad 
    2005J Rhoades 
    2004P Bennett 
    2003M Hoad 
    2002D Cresswell 
    2001D B Thomas 
    2000K Marsh 
    1999D B Thomas 
    1998K Marsh 
    1997A Martin 
    1996M Hoad 
    1995K Marsh 
    1994K Longley 
    1993B Sellings 
    1992K Marsh 
    1991D Sutton 
  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner S Forward (24/16)

    Previous Winners

    2019Ms S ForwardMrs J Clark
    2018Mrs J TurnerMrs J Clark
    2017Ms S WilsonMrs E Colvin
    2016Mrs E ColvinMrs E Southey
    2015Mrs P BardenMrs E Colvin
    2014Ms S ForwardMrs P Barden
    2013Mrs E ColvinMrs E Southey
    2012Mrs E SoutheyMrs E Colvin
    2011Mrs E ColvinMrs S Baker
    2010Mrs E ColvinMrs S Baker
    2009Mrs E ColvinMrs P Barden
    2008Mrs J Avard 
    2007Mrs G Marsh 
    2006Mrs G Marsh 
    2005Mrs G Marsh 
    2004Mrs G Marsh 
    2003Mrs P Rhoades 
    2002Mrs P Rhoades 
    2001Mrs P Rhoades 
    2000Miss L Milburn 
    1999Miss L Milburn 
    1998Mrs D Blackman 
    1997Mrs D Blackman 
    1996Mrs D Blackman 
    1995Mrs G Marsh 
    1994Mrs D Blackman 
    1993Mrs W Longley 
    1992Mrs J KempMrs D Blackman
    1991Mrs J Kemp 
    1990Mrs L Rawson 
  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    2nd Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner J Leach (102/62)

    Previous Winners

    2019J LeachV Bond
    2018J LeachR Barden
    2017J LeachR Barden
    2016J LeachV Bond
    2015J LeachD B Thomas
    2014J LeachD B Thomas
    2013M HoadG Suitters
    2012J RhoadesJ Cleverley
    2011D ThomasV Bond
    2010M HoadD B Thomas
    2009K Marsh 
    2008K Marsh 
    2007K Marsh 
    2006K Marsh 
    2005K Marsh 
    2004M Hoad 
    2003M Hoad 
    2002Mrs P Rhoades 
    2001K Marsh 
    2000K Marsh 
    1999M Hoad 
    1998B Shoesmith 
    1997A Martin 
    1996B Hall 
  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    2nd Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner J Leach (21/13)

    Previous Winners

    YearWinnerRunner Up
    2019J LeachD Thomas
    2018J LeachR Barden
    2017J LeachV Bond
    2016T KnightR Barden
    2015J LeachMrs E Colvin
    2014D B ThomasM Hoad
    2013D B ThomasM Hoad
    2012C TurnerD B Thomas
    2011P BennettW Reed
    2010D B ThomasJ Rhoades
    2009D B Thomas 
    2008C Turner 
    2007Mrs G Marsh 
    2006K Marsh 
    2005D B Thomas 
    2004M Hoad 
    2003Mrs P Rhoades 
    2002D B Thomas 
    2001P Rhoades 
    2000D B Thomas 
    1999Mrs J Kemp 
    1998K Marsh 
    1997K Marsh 
    1996G Hill 
    1995D Thomas 
    1994K Marsh 
    1993K Marsh 
    1992W White 
    1991K Marsh 
    1990L Lawson 
    1989J Fennell 
    1988F Burt 
    1987P Preston 
    1986F BurtMrs G Baker
    1985P PenstonF Burt
    1984G DrinkwaterMrs S Bodley
    1983P PenstonW Burton
    1982Mrs M WaltersR Chapman
    1980F MilwardMrs F Sellings
    1979Mrs M WaltersJ Towse
    1978S WaltersMrs J Hammond
    1977S WaltersMrs M Walters
    1976W Killick 
    1975W Killick 
    1973Mr Marchant 
    1972W Killick 
    1971W Killick 
    1969R Carr-Taylor 
    1968R Carr-Taylor 
    1967Mr Milward 
    1966R Carr-Taylor 
    1965Mr Crisford 
    1964Mr Walters 
    1963CT Wells 
    1962RC TaylorH Bates
    1960Mr C TaylorL Crisford
    1959Mr DavidsonC Carey
    1958Mr TaylorMr Shepherd
    1957S ShepherdMr Davidson
    1955S Spense 
    1954Mr Weir 
    1953W Baker 
    1952C Carey 
  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winners E Penn & D Thomas (18/11)

    Previous Winners

    2019Mrs E PennD ThomasMs S ForwardMrs P Johnson
    2018Mrs E ColvinC DemezaC ThomasB Reed
    2017J LeachJ GriffithsV BondC Demeza
    2016J LeachJ GriffithsMrs J TurnerJ Southey
    2015Mrs P BardenM HoadMrs P RhoadesJ Southey
    2014R BardenJ CleverelyMrs P RhoadesMrs J Clark
    2013J RhoadesG SuittersM HoadMrs J Clark
    2012W ReedG SuittersJ CleverleyJ Southey
    2011D ThomasW ReedP BennettMrs P Chamberlain
    2010Mrs J KempJ CleverleyD B ThomasR Barden
    2009D ThomasJ CleverleyMrs J KempR Barden
    2008Mrs G MarshM Hoad  
    2007Mrs S BakerJ Rhoades  
    2006Mrs W LongleyB Sellings  
    2005Mrs E ColvinD Cresswell  
    2004J RhoadesR Geer  
    2003Mrs G MarshD Thomas  
    2002Mrs A CoxC TurnerDi BlackmanKen Marsh
    2001P RhoadesB CarterDi BlackmanDave Thomas
    2000Mrs E ColvinM Hoad  
    1999Mrs J KempM Muth  
    1998K MarshMrs W Longley  
    1997B SellingsMrs G MarshDi BlackmanR Chamberlain
    1996A JamesMrs W Longley  
    1995R ChamberlainMrs J Kemp  
    1994A JamesJ Thomas  
    1993K MarshG Sutton  
    Previously known as the Pearce Cup
    1992B SellingsJ Kemp  
    1991K MarshG Marsh  
    1990J FennellJ Thomas  
    1989D BlackmanL Rawson  
    1988K MarshL Rawson  
    1987J FennellR Miller  
    1986Bill BurtonG BettsKen MarshConnie Milward
    1984Percy PenstonBill BurtonMrs BakerMr Middleton
    1983Mr G DrinkwaterMr C FowlerMrs M WaltersMr A Burton
    1982Mr E WatersMr S Bodley  
    1980Mrs F SellingsMr G Towse  
    1979Mr J FennellMrs Fennell  
    1978Mr W KillickMr G Perry  
    1976Mrs G BakerMrs M Walters  
    1975Mrs M WaltersMr C Hawkins  
    1973Mr HewittMr Marchant  
    1972Mrs BakerMr Milton  
    1971Mr KillickMr Maylem  
    1969Mr MilwardMr Walters  
    1968Mrs MilwardMr Maylam  
    1967Mrs HobdenMr Hollands  
    1966Mr KillickMr R Carr-Taylor  
    1965Mr Carr-TaylorMr Wells  
    1964Mrs HabdenMr Wells  
    1963Mr F HarrisMr L Crisford  
    1962Mr H BatesMr R SpenceMr L CrisfordMr A Eldridge
    1960Mr C WellsMr R S SpenceMr H BatesMr G Sheppard
    1959Mr G SheppardMr R SpenceMr C MitchellMr R C Taylor
    1958Mr CarterMr C MitchellMr H BatesMr W Baker
    1957Mr S B WeirMr SpenceMr IvoryMr White
    1955Mr C CareyMr S B Weir  
    1952Mr V S DavidsonMr C Wells  
  • 2020 Provisional Handicaps

    Barden P+5
    Barden R+1
    Bond V+2
    Carter P+4
    Clark J+4
    Dodds E0
    Dodds J+6
    Forward S+1
    George M+9
    Giles P+5
    Griffiths J+4
    Johnson P+9
    Juby W+9
    Knight S+4
    Knight T+2
    Law E+4
    Leach J-6
    Martin D+5
    Nash J+4
    Nash T+6
    Penn E+4
    Reed W+3
    Richardson C+9
    Southey E+4
    Southey J+5
    Thomas C+3
    Thomas D0
    Turner C+6
    Turner J+2
    Turner R0
    Ward A+5
    Wilson S+1
    Sargent J+7

    1st Round
    by tbc
    2nd Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner J Leach (22/9)

    Previous Winners

    2019J Leach -4Mrs S Forward +2
  • Previous Winners

    2019Mrs E Penn
    2018R Turner
    2017Mrs J Turner
    2016T Knight
    2015Mrs P Barden
    2014R Barden
    2013Mrs J Clark
    2012R Barden
    2011T Maer
    2010Mrs P Barden
    2009V Bond
    2008Mrs J Avard
    2007J Cleverely
    2006Mrs V Geer
    2005Mrs M Bennett
    2004P Bennett
    2003Mrs S Baker
    2002D Creswell
    2001T Hawkley
    2000Mrs E Colvin
    1999D Thomas
    1998B Shoesmith
    1997M Hoad
    1996R Scollay
    1995Mrs J Saunters
    1994Mrs D Blackman
    1993Mrs W Longley
    1992Mrs M Mills
    1991D Sutton
  • Westfield Mixed Triples

    2019 Winners - Ditton

    2018Clive Vale
    2003St Leonards
  • 1st Round
    by tbc
    Quarter finals
    by tbc
    by tbc
    12/13 Sep

    2019 Winner R Turner (20/10)

    Previous Winners

    2019R TurnerP Brown
    2018E LawS Knight
    2017C DemezaJ Turner
    2016J GriffithsC Thomas
    2015Mrs P BardenR Turner
    2014R BardenT Knight
    2013J SoutheyR Barden
    2012B JennerG Suitters
    2011W ReedMrs P Barden
    2010Mrs C HollettR Barden
    2009T MaerMrs P Barden
    2008V BondR Barden
    2007J Cleverley 
    2006R Brimmer 
    2005Mrs J Avard 
    2004P Bennett 
    2003J Rhoades 
    2002 Cresswell 
    2001Mrs P Rhoades 
    2000D Kemp 
    1999W White 
    1998G HillMrs Di Blackman
    1997Mrs J JamesMrs Di Blackman
    1996D Sutton 
    1995D Sutton 
    1994D Thomas 
    1993G Hill 
    1992D Thomas