• Competition Etiquette

    Westfield Bowls Club requires a standard of etiquette, both on and off the green, to promote the interest of all members who use the facilities.

    Spectators should show consideration to players during a match, being mindful not to distract them or markers in any way, keeping noise levels and movement to a minimum.

    Dress CodeGrey bottoms, white top / club shirt, flat shoes.
    All CompetitionsPlayers must be mindful of other players playing on either side of rink.
    Mobile PhonesNot to be used on the green. Spectators to have phones on 'silent' mode whilst matches are being played.
    NetsNets to be used to protect the green when wet. If the green is too wet, the match must be rearranged.
    MarkersA player can ask the Marker questions BUT only whilst the player is on the mat.

    Once a date for a match has been agreed and the rink selected at random, the organising player is to enter the details (date, time, players, marker and rink number) on the match sheet and in the main diary.

    All players are responsible for getting the equipment out (mats, pushers etc.) and putting away securely at the end of their match.

  • The latest competition has now ended.

    3017Pam Barden£16.50
    2944Shirley & Ken Burrows£66.00
    2514Jenny & Steve Clarke£66.00
    215Sue & Colin Demeza£16.50
    2029Jen Dodds£16.50
    1921Phil Brown£16.50
    1820Jean Kemp£33.00
    1620Jean Kemp£33.00
    1448Jean Hobson£16.50
    136Jean & Tom Nash£16.50
    1242Cris Turner£16.50
    1156Bernard Crosby£16.50
    1027Jean Hobson£16.50
    953Terry Knight£16.50
    837Dave Thomas£16.50
    76Jean & Tom Nash£16.50
    623Sharon Forward£16.50
    559Peter Jenner£33.00
    332Jenny & Steve Clarke£33.00
    113Jean & Tom Nash£16.50