Westfield Bowls Club was founded in 1935 when it is understood that games were played on private land.

The first written evidence available is a letter dated 12th January 1938 from H. Tolhurst, Clerk to Westfield Parish Council to C.E. Duffin-Adams Esq. Secretary, Westfield Bowls Club. In it, he asked "if a deputation of 3 could meet the Council Recreation Committee on Monday January 17th at 8.30 o'clock to consider the acquisition of a plot of ground".

That was followed by a letter dated 26th January saying that the Council had unanimously agreed to let the Club have the ground at a suggested rent of 10/- per annum.

A "Statement" from F. Webster for £40.3s.0d including a green of new Camber turf is dated February 23rd 1938 with subsequent correspondence disputing the account of £77-0-0. The dispute was resolved with a negotiated settlement offer which included the statement "If you agree to accept, I am to point out that there are not sufficient funds in hand to pay the money". In agreeing to the offer, Mr Webster's response dated 17th December 1938, pleaded for some of this money to be paid in the next few days as "I am in need of it". There is no indication of when poor Mr Webster was finally paid.

Of 24 games played that year, 8 were won and 16 lost.

Committee reports show that the continuance of hostilities impacted severely on games with local rivals with only 4 matches against Hollington Old Church and Hollington Meophams arranged in 1943. However, "many enjoyable evenings and Saturday afternoons were spent on the green".

Reports in 1943, 44 and 45 all record grateful thanks for Club donations to the British Legion Comforts Fund and the Prisoners of War Fund.

A comment in the 1944 Report reads: The passing of Harry Rilett has been keenly felt and the epitaph we would write is "Harry played the game always".

May that statement long apply to WESTFIELD BOWLS CLUB.