Rother Summer Bowls League

Rules of the League (amended October 2017)

  1. The league shall be known as THE ROTHER SUMMER BOWLS LEAGUE consisting of 9 clubs: BATTLE, GULLIVERS, HAWKHURST, HOLLINGTON, NINFIELD, NORTHIAM, STAPLECROSS, WESTFIELD and WINCHELSEA. Other clubs may be admitted to the league subject to application being accepted unanimously.
  2. A committee comprising of two members of each club plus a Chairman shall conduct management of the league. Voting on any matters raised shall be restricted to Committee members (one vote per club). The Chairman may only vote in the event of a tie.
  3. The league shall elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, although the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.
  4. The league shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year on the 4th Thursday of October, and as many committee meeting as may be considered necessary to run the league efficiently should attend.
  5. Each Club shall pay league fees of £16 to the league treasurer before the start of each season. The league Treasurer will arrange for £10 of each Club's fee to be remitted to the Club arranging the Final Fling and for the league to retain £6 of each Club's fee. Any changes to the fee to be paid shall be agreed at the AGM.
  6. Clubs shall compete for the "ROTHER LEAGUE TROPHY" on the basis of one home game and one away game against all the clubs in the league. The winning club will hold the league winners trophy for one year, the runners up will hold the runners up trophy for one year.
  7. Matches shall be contested over eighteen ends unless the Captains agree to fewer ends because of adverse conditions. If the Captains cannot agree, the home teams Captain's decision will prevail. If a player is unable to continue because of illness or injury, a reserve may be called in to continue the match. In the event that no reserve is available the Captains shall terminate the game on that rink at that point. If curtailed a match or game shall be considered valid if eleven ends have been played. Once a match has started, every effort shall be made to complete 11 ends but if fewer than 11 ends are played on any rink the points on that rink shall be shared.
  8. If a match cannot take place because of bad weather or green conditions, the Captain of the home team shall contact the opposing Captain by 12pm. Every effort should be made to rearrange the match. If the match cannot be rearranged, the ten points are shared.
  9. Teams shall consist of four mixed triples with at least 25% Ladies. Team names shall be entered on scorecards by the club Captains. The cards shall be placed face down, then picked up at random to decide the allocation of the rinks and the Captains shall toss a coin to see which team has the jack
  10. In deciding the winning club the following points system shall be used:
    1. Two points for each winning rink, plus two points for an overall win — a maximum of ten points
    2. Points shall be shared for cancelled matches and tied rinks or matches
    3. All ten points to be conceded if a Club is unable to field a team and the match cannot be rearranged by mutual consent
    4. Should a club not field at least 3 ladies in a match, they forfeit two points.
  11. In the event of two or more clubs finishing the season with the same number of points, the difference in shots for and against throughout the season shall decide the winning club. Should this also be equal, the trophy shall be held for six months by each club.
  12. Following each match, the home club should complete the match result sheet, which should then be signed by both Captains and retained by the home club. The home Captain should advise the league Secretary of the match result as soon as possible by phone, text, email or post.
  13. Under no circumstance shall a player compete for more than one Rother League Club in any one season and a player must have been a member of that club for at least one month.
  14. If a team is a player short, a substitute may be borrowed from the opposing club and the points for that rink shall be awarded to the opposing team. Those points are counted when deciding the overall match points, but the number of shots on that rink are not be included.
  15. Any dispute between clubs shall be referred to the Secretary for discussion and decision by the committee as soon as practicable.
  16. The Final Fling will be played on Saturday or Sunday at the end of September to fit in with the club hosting the event. Each club shall provide a mixed rink of four. The dress will be whites for players and of officers. The hosting club will decide the rules for the event.
  17. Any Rother Summer Bowls League rules can only be altered by the committee by a majority vote at the league AGM. Proposed changes to rules must be submitted to the league Secretary at least 21 days before the AGM and circulated to all committee members at 14 days before the meeting.

Updated 16 October 2017