Members are reminded that the dress code for matches AND club competitions is GREY below the waist and WHITE above the waist.
Won 2-2 (81-53) League 6-4
Lost 1-3 (49-89) League 2-8
Won 4-0 (76-46) League 10-0
All Club Competitions are now on the notice board. Please ensure that all preliminary matches are played by the due dates and do not leave them to the last minute - it might RAIN!!!!!
Thanks to all who were able to play on Saturday. It was a good, all be it cold, afternoon. Well done to the winners, Sharon, Charlie and Jean Nash.
The gardening and tea rotas can be found under the "Useful Information" menu.
This match has been CANCELLED
12 April 2019 Roll-ups started on Friday 12 April and will continue every Tuesday and Friday - weather and home matches permitting. Mats WILL be required.